Living in Maine USA

If you just want to take your chances at seeing one on your own, there are places in Maine better suited to moose-spotting.

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They are also often seen in marshy places when they are dipping their heads to eat the wet greens.

While anyone can have the good fortune to spot a moose just by chance, a visitor with a short time to spend might fare better by connecting with a tour operator. These moose guides know lots about their subject, including the best places to see them.

Sometimes on a Maine road you might spot a number of cars pulled off to the side with people standing outside of them, all looking in the same direction. If you’re in an area that looks moose friendly, you might want to pull over and check what they’re watching. It could be a moose.

If you toil and wander, hike and drive, and still manage to miss seeing a moose, go to the L.L. Bean store in Freeport to view a stuffed one.

Or, better yet, head for Scarborough and Len Libby Candies on US Route 1. There, you will see Lenny, the Chocolate Moose. Lenny is life-size, brown of course, and reportedly the world’s largest chocolate animal sculpture. He’s 8 feet tall and more than 9 feet from nose to tail. The temperature around him must never rise above 70 degrees. His sculptor applied 1,700 pounds of milk chocolate over a wire lathe to make Lenny.

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