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List the states of sa for Th e Ble Cliff Record is associated with the Rinzai C Linji school and the Record of Serenity with the Soto C Caodong school Althogh the two branches are generally seen as highly cometitive and sometimes oositional, in art becase government servision in both China and Jaan at times encoraged or demanded maintaining discrete sectarian identities, the viewoint exressed in the two classic koan collections is actally qite similar Th e single best- known koan collection that crossed denominational and national divisions is the Gateless Gate, blished in 1229, which incldes remarks on forty- eight cases by master Wmen Th is text ses a mch more streamlined aroach to commentary, with brief bt evocative rose and oetic remarks on each case It does not contain caing hrases, bt some of the commentary has the same kind of ironic eff ect List the states of sa 2016

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