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List of cities of sa for Jst when it seems that one arty in the narrative is otdoing the exchange artner, the commentator says jst the reverse in his marginal notes In many instances, caing hrases serve as t-downs for stbborn or arrogant monks Examles inclde He talks like a wild fox sirit indicating dlicity, He carries a board over his sholder narrow- mindedness, and He doesn’t even know his shit stinks foolhardiness According to commentators, nobody, inclding Bddha and Bodhidharma, is above the fray or exemt from criticism In addition, the twelft h centry was marked by a great schism between the Linji/Rinzai and Caodong/Soto schools, which disted the role of literatre in relation to the ractice of meditation At that time, the Linji branch, led by Dahi and his lineage, gained by far the greatest olarity in making koans accessible to the literati Dahi develoed a new contemlative techniqe known as concentrating on the keyword, or critical hrase C List of cities of sa 2016

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