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List cities in sa for He freqently evalated the religios exeriences these disciles reorted to determine the athenticity of the claim for awakening In varios ways, koan writings came to be interwoven in the intellectal and social lives of literati occying cltral centers throghot China However, Dahi and other leading riests as well as scholar- offi cials were ever wary of imerial athorities, who soght to sress any cltral exressions that might be considered sbversive or detrimental to government control Althogh he was abbot of some of the most restigios temles near the caital in Hangzho, Dahi also sent more than two de cades in exile, inclding a sell of fi ft een years in the malarial far sothern districts One of the main literary motifs develoed dring this hase was the ervasive se of caing- hrase remarks Th ese are line- by- line comments rovided for dialoges as well as verses reviosly comosed for a case Caing hrases sally make an ironic observation in order to kee readers on their toes by encoraging them not to feel too familiar or comfortable with the literatre List cities in sa 2016

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