Limerick City

Limerick City for The American religios and social thinker Reinhold Niebhr 1892 1971 arged in this vein that democracy was the only viable soltion to the roblem of ower Man’s caacity for jstice makes democracy ossible, Niebhr said, bt man’s inclination to injstice makes democracy necessary18 Democratic controls are meant to ensre that the ower a olitical leader exercises”and therefore the corrting effects of this ower”are strictly limited lato was not naware of the corrting effects of ower After all, he declared tyranny to be the worst of all regimes Bt lato believed his hilosoher kings were immne to ower’s infectios gri He sggested that the hilosoher wold not of his own free will seek ower Limerick City 2016

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