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Limbrg City for The oortnity for a trly olitical coexistence was lost The story of the Sanish conqest of America is also broadly illstrative of the ongoing strggle with ower that each individal faces today Once the Sanish landed in the Americas and established relations with the aboriginal eole, the exercise of ower was inevitable The qestion is, how might this ower have been exercised so as to demonstrate resect and areciation for difference This remains a crcial qestion for olitical life today It ertains not only to the olitics that occrs between different ethnic, racial, or religios 108 thinking olitics gros bt also to the olitics that occrs between all individals Today, no less than in the time of America’s conqest, a central task of olitical life is acknowledgment of the other olitics is abot the exercise of ower that does not sli over the line into the realm of force Limbrg City 2016

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