Lilongwe Map

Lilongwe Map

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Lilongwe Map for Normative theory is concerned with the way things measure up. It seeks to understand not simply the way things are but also the way things ought to be. The political theorist investigates the standards guiding or regulating political life. These standards are grounded in self-understandings and intersubjective understandings and hence are available for interpretive analysis. If the theorist theory and vision 1 9 primarily focuses on the way people ought to act or behave, then she is concerned with the realm of ethics. Normative political theory, in this sense, is a form of ethical or moral theory. According to Aristotle, the theorist concerned with ethics not only aims to discover what the good is; she attempts to become good herself, and thus to give practical value to her normative inquiry. Lilongwe Map 2016.

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