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Light fixtures for Th ere are several aspects of these linkages. First, Zen practice is known for what seems like an inherently ecological training style. For example, the chief cook of the temple, who is so busy that he is generally exempted from other chores and meditation, is instructed when preparing the meal to follow the saying, Not a single grain of rice left uneaten and not a monk left wanting for one more grain. Th is can serve as good advice in the modern world, where new technologies produce a surplus of food and other products that are oft en consumed merely for avaricious purposes. Another aspect of Zen’s relation to science has been referred to as the convergence thesis, which argues that there is a profound parallel between the so- called new physics and traditional Zen views of reality. Many of the conceptual developments of twentieth- century science have replaced the conventional mechanistic and materialistic Newtonian- Cartesian model with a dynamic and holistic understanding of reality based on quantum theory. Previously, science was seen as 184 striving for objective and predictable knowledge in de pen dent of the subject, while the goal of religion was based on subjective, personal, and variable experience unbound by objectivity. Light fixtures 2016.

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