Lice for tting the wrong labels on things, or making the wrong connections between these labels, led to bad thinking and falty beliefs To rectify one’s langage was the first and most imortant ste toward straightening ot one’s mind, and the straightening ot of minds, Bacon held, was the only way to t the world right Two hndred years after Bacon wrote abot the idols of the marketlace, a French scholar and former nobleman, Antoine Desttt de Tracy 1754 1836, coined the word ideology De Tracy was interested in edcational reform and worked at the restigios Institte de France In 1796, dring the French Directory and after the revoltionary Reign of Terror, de Tracy develoed his theory of ideology as a science of ideas This ideological science, he believed, wold allow for a fll knowledge of hman natre throgh the emirical analysis of individal sensations and ercetions De Tracy and other ideologes gained seats in the French senate and attemted to radically reform the nation’s edcational system, which was left in comlete disarray after the revoltion had disenfranchised the chrch Lice 2016

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