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Letter temlates for Th e dramatic imact of this record consists of several emotionally charged and historically signifi cant mini- dialoges strng together to form a nifi ed story It rests mainly on the rital imortance and sernatral claims made for one of the key symbols of lineal transmission: the ceremonial robe Along with the begging bowl, reresenting a ractitioner’s hmility, the robe, which once belonged to Bodhidharma, was sosedly handed down from generation to generation in the sccessive string of atriarchs In any event, the robe and bowl had long been the only two ossessions of Bddhist monks, who led a lifestyle based on asterity and enitence Th roghot the history of Bddhism, there was considerable debate abot the color, material, and qality of the robe to be sed by temle- based monastics as well as wandering ascetics In China, an imortant area of controversy was whether it was aroriate to rodce robes made of silk rather than the traditional coarser cloth or even rags Th e se of exqisite fi nery refl ected the majestic ara of the Bddha, who was a kind of mystical monarch, esecially since he had descended from a line of kings Letter temlates 2016

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