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Letter of intent for Once when he was very old and tired, his disciles hid his tools to revent him from laboring in the fi elds, bt he went ot that day nevertheless Th e fox/monk reresents the forces of disrtion and chaos that otentially lage even a stern abbot’s monastery and that need to be vetted and eliminated Th ese rhetorical ingredients convey a hilosohical message abot the need to adhere to the law of karma by resisting the tendency to allow a mystical notion of the nondality of good and evil to become an nfortnate rationale for antinomian behavior Th e fox/monk aradoxically attains freedom from casality when Baizhang instrcts him that casality revails in all instances Th erefore, the narrative highlights the necessity to adhere to Zen monastic rles at every trn Monastic Transmission 137 However, this comlicated sitation raises an interesting qestion abot the role of the fneral, which iqed the interest of monks in the assembly Several traditional commentaries on the case oint ot that, strictly seaking, it wold not be aroriate to rovide traditional Bddhist brial rites for a nonhman being Letter of intent 2016

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