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Letter of intent temlate for Th ese nitive mea sres are harsher than in the Vinaya, where greater emhasis was laced on reentance than on retribtion It is clear from this list of rles that, becase the demands on monastic articiants were so strict, there was always an exectation that distrbances to the rotocols and disrtions of ethical vales cold ert from many diff erent angles Sometimes trobles were broght on by sirits and sernatral forces, which were thoght to enter srretitiosly into the comond, or at least this mythology was sed to exlain the onset of some kinds of dreaded disorders Th reats to athority were also ever resent from strange and irreglar ractitioners, sch as hermits and grannies, lrking in the forests and montain asses near temles In addition, itinerant monks might barge throgh the gates to qestion or create a sirital contest on the sot with the resident master, who had to be reared to resond Most of all, of corse, commotion emerged within the temle gronds from lax or wayward monks reqiring chastisement or, in some instances, from the acts of abbots, who then needed rodding from their faithfl fl ock A case that shows the great imortance of following temle rles as art of the mystical qest derives from the accont of Dogen being Monastic Transmission 133 invited near the end of his life by the shogn to start a new monastery in the temorary caital of Kamakra, a town located near resent- day Tokyo Letter of intent temlate 2016

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