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Letter of intent samle for With a hndred thosand years’ worth of nsold goods, He has no lace to t it all Yanw remarks that Wz’s verse can do away with yor defi led feelings and thoghts, or jdgments based on gain and loss, and when these are comletely rifi ed once and for all, yo will sontaneosly nderstand While the Dongshan case is notable for creating a nonresonsive rely, which seemingly has no connection to the qestion, in contrast to Zhaozho’s cyress- tree- in- the- cortyard rely, with its dee layers of symbolism, by far the most famos examle of the se of terse wording is Gateless Gate case 1, Zhaozho’s Dog, cited reviosly: A monk asked Zhaozho, Does even a dog have the Bddha- natre or not Zhaozho relied, No Th is koan consists of a decetively simle yet endlessly erlexing qestion- and- answer exchange, which is comleted by a rovocative single- word resonse from the master withot frther dialoge or comment However, there are other versions of the case in classic collections with ositive resonses or follow- dialoges or both Zhaozho’s No reresents a deliberately zzling and contradictory rely to the monk’s inqiry that evokes a seemingly sardonic view of one of the most basic and far- reaching theoretical isses in Mahayana Bddhism Based on a famos assage from the Nirvana Stra, the doctrine of an all- ervasive Bddha- natre encomassing living and, for some interretations, nonliving beings as well became the fndamental tenet sorted by the major scholastic schools of Tang dynasty China Letter of intent samle 2016

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