Lesbos Map

lesbos map 7 Lesbos Map

Map Lesbos Island

Resolution: 1000 x 1000 161 kB
Size: 1000 x 1000 161 kB

lesbos map 16 Lesbos Map


lesbos map 300 Lesbos Map

Use the black square

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lesbos map 566 Lesbos Map

Lesvos (Lesbos) Tourist Map See map details From 24-lesvos.Created

lesbos map 289 Lesbos Map

Kaart eiland Lesbos

Lesbos Map for This type of intervention, known as exposure therapy, may lead to an initial increase in distress as upsetting images, previously avoided where possible, are deliberately recollected. To minimise this distress, Leskin et al. recommended a graded exposure process in which the individual initially recalls and talks about particular elements of a traumatic event at a level of detail they choose over several occasions until they no longer find them upsetting. Any new and potentially more distressing memories remain the focus of the next stages of the intervention. Reactivation of memories by this procedure involves describing the experience in detail, focusing on what happened, the thoughts and emotions experienced at the time, and any memories that the incident triggered. This approach can be augmented by a variety of cognitive-behavioural techniques, including relaxation training and cognitive restructuring. Relaxation helps the individual to control their arousal when recalling distressing events, or at other times in the day when they are feeling tense or on edge. Lesbos Map 2016.

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