Les Menuires Map

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Resolution: 1000 x 471 131 kB
Size: 1000 x 471 131 kB

les menuires map 38 Les Menuires Map

Les Menuires Location Map

les menuires map 224 Les Menuires Map

Les Menuires Piste & Resort Map

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Full view ‚ trail map Les Menuires

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Les Menuires Location Maps

Les Menuires Map for On a more cautious note, Michie et al. carried out an experimental study of an intervention aimed at increasing antenatal screening uptake among women who had expressed the intention to do so. Eighty-eight pregnant women were allocated to either standard care or a group asked to write down an action plan for attending or making the screening appointment. No difference in subsequent attendance was found. In the intervention group itself, however, only per cent actually made an action plan, and these women were more likely to attend screening per cent of them attended than the women in this group who had not done so per cent attended. So, a crucial element of any intervention may be to clearly facilitate the planning process. Modelling change Problem-focused and planning’-based interventions can help individuals to develop strategies of change. Les Menuires Map 2016.

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