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Leitrim City for Hounshell, From the American System to Mass Production, 1800 1932: The Development of Manufacturing Technology in the United States (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1984); Constance Green, Eli Whitney and the Birth of American Technology (Little, Brown, 1956); Jeannette Mirsky and Allan Nevins, The World of Eli Whitney (Macmillan, 1952). SARAH ELVINS UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME Wilson, Woodrow (1856 1924) THE FIRST DEMOCRATIC president of the 20th century and the only true academic elected to the office, Woodrow Wilson has a complicated historical legacy. Although he was admired for his moral piety, his critics found fault with his elitism. Both his strengths and weaknesses would reveal themselves during his difficult terms in office, years characterized by his progressive economic agenda, American excursions in Latin America, WORLD WAR I and its aftermath, and ultimately his own poor health. (Thomas) Woodrow Wilson was born in Staunton, Virginia to Presbyterian Minister Joseph Ruggles Wilson and Janet (Jessie) Woodrow. At a young age, Wilson determined that he wanted to enter politics. He attended the College of New Jersey, now Princeton University, and enjoyed a successful academic career through his graduation in 1879. Leitrim City 2016.

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