Leicester Map

leicester map 2 Leicester Map

Leicester Map

Resolution: 730 x 846 90 kB
Size: 730 x 846 90 kB

leicester map 192 Leicester Map

Leicester City Council ‚ Regeneration Map

leicester map 210 Leicester Map

Leicester Map

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Leicestershire towns in our database

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Holiday Inn Leicester Map

Leicester Map for We have also shown that, in spite of difficulties in clearly defining and measuring QoL, there is a growing recognition of the need to do so, and for research and practice to look beyond traditionally clinical outcomes of illness, such as disability, symptomatology and mortality, to more holistic psychosocial outcomes. While there is increasing evidence of the inclusion of QoL assessment in clinical trials of treatments or in psychosocial interventions, the debate as to whether it is best assessed objectively or subjectively, generically or specifically remains. There is also the need to be sensitive to the needs of specific populations, for example children, and to address cultural variation in the understanding of QoL. We have described various methods of assessing this subjective construct including n self-report interview n self-report questionnaire completion n proxy report either interview or questionnaire. As with beauty, quality of life is in the eye of the beholder’ and therefore this presents challenges to interventions based on identified predictors of quality of life, as it is unlikely that one size will fit all’. However, this chapter has, it is hoped, presented some of the general influences and is a starting point from which to develop interventions. FURTHER READING Further reading Bowling, A Measuring Health A Review of Q uality of L ife. Leicester Map 2016.

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