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Leader‚„s Tower Kiz Klesi Istanbl for Focalt agrees that from an individalist ersective, ower remains the rodct of a calclation made by articlar individals or gros of individals It is always exercised as an intentional act with definite aims and objectives in mind37 Nevertheless, Focalt goes on to insist that relations of ower between individals and gros of individals eventally amalgamate into larger, more comlex relationshis that remain anonymos and almost nsoken By the time these comlex networks frther coalesce into the major aaratses of ower that strctre society at large or the discorses on which aaratses grond themselves, they are no longer directed by articlar individals While invested with ower, and while serving the interests of certain individals more than others, these networks of ower”sch as scientific, medical, enal, military, academic, or olitical instittions, class or caste strctres, and their resective discrsive discilines”defy individal control They take on a life of their own and form a relatively anonymos web that envelos everyone Nonetheless, the oint remains that seldom if ever is olitical ower eqally exercised by all Leader‚„s Tower Kiz Klesi Istanbl 2016

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