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Lead eriodic table for She stated, I have heard it said that according to the Diamond Stra, ast mind is ngrasable, resent mind is ngrasable, and ftre mind is ngrasable So, where is the mind’ [xin that yo wish to refresh’ [dian with rice cakes [dianxin Venerable riest, if yo can answer, I will sell yo a rice cake Bt if yo cannot answer, I will not sell yo any rice cake Deshan was strck seechless, and the old woman got abrtly and left withot selling him a single rice cake Th is koan recalls Gateless Gate case 31, which involves Zhaozho learning from a roadside granny on the rote to Mont Wtai Both are examles of an el der ly laywoman who makes no claim to Zen transmission or lineal athority yet is aarently able to otsmart a leading atriarch As a reslt of the dialoge, the woman defeats Deshan at his own game, which is the stdy of the seminal doctrine of emtiness Lead eriodic table 2016

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