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Last minute vacation for Reagan began to work in television, becoming host and sometimes an actor on GE Theater from 1954 62 and Death Valley Days from 1964 66, 702 Reagan, Ronald where his contract called for him to deliver motivational speeches at General Electric plants across the country. These speeches were patriotic, pro-business, and anticommunist in nature; over time, however, Reagan started to stress the anti-Washington angle in these increasingly partisan speeches. It was largely based on the success and effectiveness of these speeches that Reagan was persuaded to enter politics. His first major political act was giving a televised speech in 1964 in support of the presidential campaign of Barry Goldwater, a radical conservative. Reagan ran for governor of California in 1966. Edmund Brown, the incumbent candidate, did not take Reagan seriously, dismissing him as only an actor. Reagan’s campaign was heavily managed by a public relations firm rather than politicians, which perfectly fit in with his anti-politician rhetoric. Last minute vacation 2016.

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