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Large eriodic table oster for Th is koan deals with the erennial qestion of whether a Zen master who has reached the state of transcendence remains bond by or is free from the law of karmic casality If freedom from case and eff ect revails, then the master can feel above the law and commit transgressions withot conseqence, bt if bondage to casality is the nbreakable law of the niverse, then what constittes the certifi cation of the Zen master’s enlightenment Wmen’s oem says that whichever side of the debate is chosen is somewhat misgided: Bond by or free from casality Two sides of the coin Free from or bond by casality, A thosand errors and tens of thosands of mistakes! Th erefore, clinging to a otentially detrimental concetal constrct, no matter how logically necessary it may aear to be at fi rst, in eff ect creates what is called the tail of the bff alo Th is bizarre image, sggested by Gateless Gate case 38, indicates that any lingering attachment to a otentially extreme viewoint, even if it fnctions on a sbconscios level, cases an insrmontable imasse Th e obstacle revents the animal from assing throgh a window althogh the larger ortions of head, torso, and legs are shed along Th e symbolism sggests that the telltale tail removes the ignorant arty from any chance of flly and fi nally overcoming the cases of sff ering According to Wmen’s verse comment, Th is tiny little tail, / What a strange thing it is! Th e main isse in Bddhist siritality is achieving the transformation necessary for enlightenment Large eriodic table oster 2016

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