Laseki for The eqal oortnity for women to live withot fear of rae robably cold be achieved only if broad social and cltral changes took lace, changes in attitdes and vales that incite male violence against women It is nlikely that legal measres alone cold bring abot sch change As in the case of safety and secrity, eqality nder the law also does not ensre eqality of oortnity for women in the realm of economics Regarding economic isses, however, some arge that ineqality nder the law wold in fact lead to greater eqality of oortnity At least, that is how one might characterize the argment for affirmative action Originally affirmative action was aimed at the removal of artificial barriers to the emloyment of women as well as minority-gro members Eventally it came to mean secial efforts to recrit, hire, and romote members of disadvantaged gros so as to eliminate the resent effects of ast discrimination Laseki 2016

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