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Lama temple is the world’s biggest Buddha temple also known as Yonghe temple, Lama temple and peace monastery. This temple is situated in China’s capital city Beijing and is the popular monument of the country.

Lama temple’s architect work is a mixture of China and Tibet craftsmanship. This temple was established in 1664, during the reign of Kangxi Emperor. In the initial period this had become the official residence of eunuchs. In 1772 when Yongzheng sat on the throne, then he had donated half of the building to Buddha temple and changed the other half into the palace. In 1735 after the death of Emperor Yongzheng his coffin was placed in the temple.

After the death of Yongzheng and during the period of his successor Emperor Qianlong the monastery became the home for numerous Tibet and Mongolia Buddhist monks and slowly this temple became the national centre of Lama Administration.

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Lama temple from the main gate to backside is 500 meter long. In this temple 5 main rooms are there which are separated by courtyards. These five halls are: the hall of Heavenly Kings, the hall of Harmony and Peace, the hall of Everlasting Protection, the hall of the Wheel of the Lawe and the Pavilion of Ten Thousand Happiness.

The hall of the Harmony and Peace is considered as the main entrance of the monastery. In this Lord Buddha’s three bronze statues are kept, these statues reveal Buddha’s past, present and future. With every wall 18 sculptors or Arhats are standing. In the hall of 10,000 happiness, a 26 meter long statue of Lord Buddha is there made of white marble.

In 1981, this temple was open for the public. This temple along with the temple also gives a feeling of museum. It looks very nice to see innumerous people coming and offering their prayers after lighting incense stick.

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