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Lahore Map Tourist Attractions on That rise was clear in the Revolution of 1830 when Charles X, the quasi-absolute monarch of the Restoration, was forced to cede power to the rival royal house of Orlans, which was more willing to accommodate the voice of the Parisian bourgeoisie in political decision-making. The year 1830 also saw the French conquest of Algeria, which marked the beginning of France’s acquisition of its modern empire. That empire was to play a major role in the development of French capitalism, for like other European powers, the French were to rely on their colonies as sources of cheap labor and raw materi- France 309 als, and as protected markets for exports from France. That economic historians now doubt the efficiency of such trading systems when applying cost-benefit analyses to modern imperialism is immaterial, for the key point is that French capitalism was based on an imperial system that was itself an outgrowth of the French Revolutionary notion of national superiority, and of the moral value of the export of French ideas and rule. While the period 183048 did not see the most dynamic phase of French industrial growth, it was the moment when key industries such as the railways came into being, and with them came a particular cultural aspect of French capitalism which was the technocratic compromise between the state and private interests. When railways were invented and first developed in England, a vigorous debate began in France on how a national rail network should be developed. On one side of the debate was an unusual alliance of right-wing nationalists and the political left, who argued that the state had to take responsibility for the development of railways in France (either for reasons of national security, or because state control of economic development was a fundamentally good thing), while on the other were the bourgeois freemarketeers who advocated the private development of rail in France, and liberals who claimed that state subsidies for rail would act as a form of double taxation on the poorer social classes. Lahore Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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