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1. Gaul. Caesarius of Arles d. 542 preached often, almost daily during Lent and Eastertide. His sermons were directed to a mixed audience, i.e., to those baptized as infants, to adult candidates for baptism and to Jews Conc. Agath. a. 506 can. 34 CCL 148, 207-208; P. Mikat, Caesarius v. Arles und die Juden: VortrD¼sseldorf G 345 1996, as well as to parents and godparents; and on the eve of Easter or on other solemn vigils, even to child catechumens. Lahore Map Tourist Attractions To these latter, it was the responsibility of the godparents, instructed by the bishop’s catechesis, to explain the creed and the Our Father privately, i.e., in family catechesis Serm. 13,2, 130,5; 200,6; 204,3; 229,6 Morin. Adult candidates competentes still received catechesis for the most part in the preparation for Easter and for baptism Ordo legitimus baptismi: Serm. 200, 5. The Expositio orationis dominicae Serm. 147 is a reworking of Augustine’s Serm. 59 K.: RAC 20, 470. Catechesis is purely trinitarian and christological, the language deliberately plain sermo humilis: Serm. 4,26. H.G.J. Beck, The Pastoral Care of Souls in South-East France During the 6th Cent., Rome 1950, 161-164; 167; 185; S. Felici, La catechesi al popolo di Cesario d’Arles: Salesianum 41 1979 375- 392; Id., L’integrazione fra esegesi e catechesi in Cesario d’Arles, in Id. ed., Esegesi e catechesi, 2, Rome 1994, 183-197. 2. Spain. In De correctione rusticorum, Martin of Braga transmitted to Bishop Polemius of Astorga a catechesis praedicatio for people who were already baptized but certainly not strong in the faith preaching to the peasants: C.P. Caspari, Martin v. Bragas Schrift De correctione rusticorum, Christianae 1883, XLIX; M. Naldini, Martino di Braga, Contro le superstizioni. Catechesi al popolo, Florence 1991; RAC 15, 672-673 bibl.; M. Simonetti, Longus per divinas scripturas ordo dirigitur. Variazioni altomedievali su un tema catechetico agostiniano: RomBarb 6 1981-1982 313-320; E. L³pez Pereira, Cultura, relixi³n e superstic³ns na Galicia Sueva. Marti±o de Braga De correctione rusticorum, La Coru±a 1996; A. Lopez Calvo, La catequesis en la Galicia medieval, Mart­n Dumiense y el De correctione rusticorum: Estudios mindonienses 13 1997 509-523.

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