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Lagos Map on It should also not seem coincidental that this period of confident national growth marked the most rapid expansion of the French Empire. Structural weaknesses, however, remained in the French economy, as evinced by the less convincing performance of the French economy after 1870, but the contours of capitalist France had now been drawn. France 191445. World War I, which of course took place primarily on French and Belgian soil, left France in an economically and demographically precarious position in the interwar years. France, like other major powers, suffered from the instability of the world economy with, in particular, periods of high inflation, a weakening currency, budget deficits, and, Poincar aside, a political class that had little skill in economic affairs or inclination to reflate the economy. German reparations could not fully cover the cost of rebuilding France’s industrial capacity, and when the DEPRESSION hit France, its effects were felt rather later and for rather longer than in other states. This difference, and the relatively low levels of unemployment in France in the 1930s, has traditionally been explained by the fact that France still had a much larger agricultural sector than comparable economies. Lagos Map 2016.

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