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La Spezia

La Spezia Map for In a larger community trial conducted by the same team in eight US cities Kelly et al. , levels of unprotected anal intercourse fell from to per cent among men frequenting gay bars in the intervention group ? in contrast to a per cent rise among those in the control cities. The research focus below reports in some detail on an attempt to replicate this type of intervention in gay bars in East European countries. In a different approach to reducing risk of AIDS, Asamoah-Adu et al. engaged prostitutes in Ghana to provide peer education and distribute condoms to their fellow prostitutes, resulting in a significant reduction in unsafe sex. Overall, the women who took part in the intervention were more likely to use a condom than they were prior to the intervention. In addition, three years after the end of the formal programme, women who maintained contact with the project staff were more likely than those who disengaged from them to have continued using them. La Spezia Map 2016.

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