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Click for enlarged West LA Map, Santa Monica Map

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Louisiana State Map

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Permalink: Road Map of Los Angeles Metro (Los Angeles, California)

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around la is a lot easier thanks to viewpoint s new la interactive map

La Map for Maslach defined burn-out as a three-part syndrome of emotional exhaustion, depersonalisation and reduced personal accomplishment that occurs among individuals who work with people in some capacity, and which can be associated with both physical and mental ill-health. Related to burn-out is the concept of carer strain or carer burden, identified among many individuals who provide care for dependent relatives due to chronic illness or disability. Carer strain is discussed in Chapter , where we explore the impact of illness on family and friends. Burn-out can also be experienced among professional carers; for example, among nurses burn-out is found to be at moderate to high levels Barnard et al. Jones and Johnston Payne and see research focus below. What is it about some jobs that makes them so stressful? One possible explanation for stress in the work environment is offered by person? environment fit theories cf. French et al. La Map 2016.

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