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L.a Map for Optimism has therefore had reported benefits for both healthy populations dealing with stressful events and patient populations dealing with various aspects of their illness. Optimism seems to lead to better functioning and outcomes because optimistic people appraise events in a way that makes it more likely that they will employ problem-focused coping strategies Taylor and Armor For example, a study of law students found that optimistic students exhibited less avoidance coping and lower perceived stress than non-optimistic students, although the authors Segerstrom et al. do point out that situational rather than dispositional optimism was associated with the lowered stress appraisals. This distinction between different types of optimism is important, particularly given that the different measures of optimism predicted different outcomes ? situational optimism predicted elevated mood and immune function, where dispositional optimism did not. Such beneficial effects of optimism as have been relatively consistently reported in the literature raises the question of the feasibility of interventions to enhance optimistic beliefs. If optimism is stable, how could this be achieved? Folkman and Moskowitz have suggested that optimistic Plate How optimistic are you? Is this glass half-empty or half-full? Source Alamy/Steve Hamblin beliefs can be maintained by successful coping outcomes. This leads to a consideration of whether coping-skills training and positive feedback on successful efforts may build optimism. L.a Map 2016.

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