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Kuwait Subway Map on Hegemony is not exclusive property of the bourgeoisie. The working class can develop its own hegemony as a strategy to control the state by taking into account the interests of other oppressed groups and social forces and finding ways of combining them with its own interests. Working for the formation of a counterhegemonic discourse implies considering structural change and ideological change as part of the same struggle. The labor process may well be central for the class struggle but it is no less crucial to address the ideological struggle if the masses of the people are to reject their internalized false consciousness and come to a consciousness allowing them to question the political and economic assumptions of the ruling elites. However, this process of consciousness formation requires time and intellectual strengths as people have internalized the assumptions of ideological hegemony: what is happening in society is common sense or the only way of running society. The basic beliefs and value system at the base of capitalist society are seen as either neutral or of general applicability in relation to the class structure of society. In the establishment of a counterhegemony that can break the hold of the elites over subordinate groups, Gramsci reserved a relevant role to intellectuals. Kuwait Subway Map 2016.

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