Kushk City of Afghanistan

Kshk City of Afghanistan for For the oor and owerless, it amonts to lives of misery with scant oortnity to exercise their fll otential as hman beings Bt Rossea’s atriotic remedy is rimarily gronded in olitical eqality, while Marx’s revoltionary remedy is firmly rooted in economic eqality ositive liberty, Marx sggests, emerges only once we become emanciated from the class relations that alienate s from or neighbors Collective freedom is discovered by abolishing rivate roerty In 1958, when Berlin lectred on the two concets of liberty, he was concerned with the actal and otential abses of ositive liberty In declaring that the view of those who reject negative liberty and favor its ositive conterart rles over half or world,41 he was thinking abot the Soviet emire and the great clash of ideologies that dominated his time Today, concerns have changed Kshk City of Afghanistan 2016

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