Kunduz City of Afghanistan

Kunduz City of Afghanistan for Indeed, Hobbes’s political theory revolves around the notion that fear is the most fundamental human passion and the chief motivating force of politics. Human beings are subject to an endless pursuit of power, Hobbes insists, owing to their fear of death or deprivation at the hands of others. He observes that even the strongest man can easily be struck dead in his sleep by the weakest man. Likewise, one’s power can always be undermined or destroyed by another’s greater power or by one’s lack of vigilance. Thus we naturally seek ever-increasing power in order to protect ourselves. Of course, everyone else feels the same way and acts accordingly. The result is the endless pursuit of power after power by all, which, in the absence of government, leads to violent anarchy. Kunduz City of Afghanistan 2016.

Kunduz City of Afghanistan Photo Gallery

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