Kozluk for While theorists may not openly advocate a particular moral position, the very topics chosen for historical or conceptual analysis are, by dint of being chosen, deemed of particular interest, importance, and value. In turn, the manner in which topics are approached will highlight certain features and obscure others. These unavoidable choices of subject matter and methodology harbor implicit normative valuations. If, in analyzing the state, one focuses predominantly on government administration rather than citizen activity, for example, one may lend credence to a top-down view of politics that ignores the significance of grassroots democratic processes. Deeming particular phenomena worthy of study and choosing to study them in particular ways are inherently normative decisions. The choices theorists make regarding the best way to identify and approach their subject, in other words, are often best described as political choices. As George Sabine wrote in his classic text, the historical study of political theory ought to be carried out in the light of the hypothesis that theories of politics are themselves a part of politics. Kozluk 2016.

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