Kozan for In the early 20th century, economic scholars such as Joseph SCHUMPETER had already labeled him, the greatest economist of all time, an arguable title that still stands sturdy today, a century later. Recommended by peers for one of the century’s earliest Nobel Prizes, Walras died before he could be considered. Walras (pronounced Val-rass) was born in Evreaux, FRANCE, the son of Louise de Sainte Beauve and Antoine- August Walras, a well-known philosopher and proto-marginalist. For years, the elder Walras had long professed, through his many writings on the subject of scarcity, that mathematicians alone held the key to the advancement of economics. His thoughts, revolutionary at the time, had sparked both a following and condemnation from the economic inner circle. Most assuredly, with the birth of Leon, he hoped that his son would defend and advance his teachings. But, as a little boy growing up in the pastoral countryside of southern France, Walras exhibited little if any interest in his father’s domain. Kozan 2016.

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