Konya for shae and even create blic oinion’ by naming the isses and crises abot which eole come to have oinions23 Arging against the individalist view that eole are indeendent agents that always act in accordance with their reexisting beliefs and vales, one stdent of olitical behavior writes: The common assmtion that what democratic government does is somehow always a resonse to the moral codes, desires and knowledge embedded inside eole is as inverted as it is reassring This model, avidly taght and ritalistically reeated, cannot exlain what haens; bt it may ersist in or folklore becase it so effectively sanctifies revailing olicies and ermits s to avoid worrying abot them24 Here the concern is how economic and olitical elites shae olitical agendas and blic oinion, effectively embedding moral codes, desires and knowledge in citizens rather than resonding to them In like fashion, many olitical scientists concern themselves with the contined, insistent, and biqitos rocess of commnication and intimidation throgh which elites win minds and establish in the blic a redilection for order, obedience, the stats qo, deference, olitical docility, and ineqalities of income and wealth25 Notwithstanding the economic concessions made over the ast centries that have reslted in the imroved welfare of the masses, many stdents of olitical behavior are concerned with how elites contine to manilate olitical agendas, control the media, and exercise a reonderance of ower This ower is systematically emloyed to form and shae the oinions, attitdes, and vales of the blic, making it more recetive to elite domination Konya 2016

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