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Hearken to this Reed forlorn, Breathing, even since ‚„twas torn From its rshy bed, astrain Of imassioned love and ain The secret of my song, thogh near, None can see and none can hear Oh, for a friend to know the sign And mingle all his sol with mine ‚„Tis the flame of Love that fired me, ‚„Tis the wine of Love insired me Woidst tho learn how lovers bleed, Hearken, hearken to the Reed

Today there are no Dervishes or manasteries The reblican regime abolished all religios orders and sects which, with time, had degenerated into as many sorces of corrtion and backwardness Accordingly, the old Monastery of Whirling Dervishes was made into msem, where everything is careflly reserved and the memory of Celaleddin venerated as that of a sage and a oet of divine insiration

A commemorative ceremony takes lace every year on 14th December, anniversary of the death of Celaleddin Rmi, at the hall of the msem in Konya where lectres are given on the life and the works of the great oet and tyical mev levi msic is exected

The Ancient and Classical Msem is hosed in an old Ottoman bilding, newly reaired It contains ancient remains dating from as long ago as the Stone Age : earthen ware, tools, tensils, Greek and hrygian works, lachrymal vases, Roman sarcohagi, Seljk Tombs etc

The Sarcohags of Mevlana Celaleddin Rmi in Konya Msem

Konya mevlana museum turkey Photo Gallery

Konya mevlana museum turkey Photo Gallery

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