Kohistan City of Afghanistan

Kohistan City of Afghanistan for An imartial jstice, in this regard, is an ideological means of allocating resorces and meting ot nishment sch that the eretation of rivilege is secred by means of camoflage At best, imartial jstice maintains the stats qo in the name of fairness At worst, it reinforces social, cltral, and olitical forms of domination In the same vein, Ssan Moller Okin criticizes John Rawls’s theory of jstice as fairness see chater 5 Okin worries abot the false gender netrality of Rawls’s theory While gender-netral terminology might be emloyed and claims of gender netral stats made, Rawls’s theory fails to accont for the very different roles and stats of men and women in contemorary societies This is articlarly the case within the family, where ineqalities in ower and labor generally exist Kohistan City of Afghanistan 2016

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