Morning. And ready for some breakfast breakfast is definitely my favorite part of the hotel you get to pick. And choose. And it’s really hard to be what about it. And tricks about my diet especially. I find a very hard they have they do have brush or anything. So I don’t eat dairy but virtue muesli it’s easy with dairy. And it’s like this overnight muesli. And they have it in like pretty nice resorts. And then. So delicious. And this is like pretty my way champagne. And oysters green curry yes. I love who chose entire doesn’t have green carries for breakfast this is how you know you you’ve made a right choice when it comes to the hotel Pad Thai pancakes young coconut milk soup with chicken but everything was beautiful bread awesome this is a breakfast egg whites with some mushroom. And spinach looks delicious with mango. And passion fruit juice smoothie. And this is. I butchered some passion fruit earlier. I had a little salad. And green tea. And looks beautiful mmm, I’m ready for my next activity which would be bike ride or a jeep ride. I was. So hung out in my mind. I had the Hat. I bought in Bangkok last time. I was here. I think it looks super cute with this. I jumpsuit by mr. Haney. I’ll start linking my outfits cuz. I know you guys help ask a lot about it. And I think this is super cute. And I love it. So we could invited two groups one group went biking the other group was like off-road Jeep which was supposed to be more adventurous.

KOH SAMUI MAP Photo Gallery

So I said for the more adventurous one without actually asking anyone else. And it’s. And all the girls went on the biking tour. And I am here with one two three four five six guys it’s very fun, I’m excited yeah hopefully you’ll be one more person journey. And there might be a girl keeping my fingers crossed also every day we have a little backpack waiting for us like the middle a surprise yesterday. I had shorts. And today. I know what. I have but backpack is waiting at the front door it’s the Luxury Collection ok let’s see let’s see what, I’m getting today oh fruits please. I feel like it’s like mom made my lunch or something yogurt this is delicious location. And we’ll learn a little bit about like hopeless. And how to peel them I’ve actually learned that in French when. I do it super hardened like if she makes it look like it’s easy but it’s totally not it’s awesome say just going behind the same as well. So we’re going we see you we see you Jersey hi can. I say hi it’s like no oh cute sick. I just want me to pose yeah we are now at the waterfall shooting super pretty you’re coming back up. I don’t know about this waterfall is called. I have this fast Emma but it’s super steep. And I love that. I like trained on the gym. And I feel like, I’m super fed until actually go out. And I turn through these sort of hikes. And I’m like totally not fit miserable that’s right. I guess what’s. So pretty. So worth that hike very jungly look how cute all right. So, I’m just now climbing the truck. So I can write at there at the front right over here. And I’m being joined by Maya. I hope my eyes are a last-minute influencer surprise – from London. And there will be two green yeah hello hello. And we’ll be just sitting right here on the front of the truck to get even more wins this is always complaining about the win situation here Jacob sakes John hi hi kidding yes it’s gonna be an animal blog we got here to the coffee with a viewpoint. And first coconut for me please mmm. So I want you to really get to know the creators that, I’m with. Because I don’t want to make it look like, I’m by myself.

I am NOT. And I’m surrounded by super creative fun people one of them is Maya who was a less than surprise for us but, I’m. So happy she came Maya lives in London she’s originally from slovenia slovenian what’s your handle Maya Maya miners on ma Jai mal ma perfect. So follow this girl if you if you wish okay, I’m with another two creators over here this is Anakin photography aka my photography. And over here we have. And you’re shooting on a Canon or anything yeah. So yeah we have an oddball over here man. I couldn’t be like it’s a bank on temple keep on core what, I’m sure thank ty is actually very hard because it’s very tonal. So Joe was telling me that you have to give me a few examples of how wrong you can go. And tie like between ugly. And beautiful ray yes sorry beautiful. And Savoy can be not. So beautiful bad luck. And it’s crazy yeah. So yeah that has to be careful with Ty. And I apologize if. I started swearing because, I’m not prancing right but look at the beautiful guy by the way we’re actually not wearing any shoes because. So cool. So this is Jacob Jacob’s part of beautiful destinations. And these look at these clouds look how fast they’re moving. So pretty Wendy Wendy the medic fair who else you haven’t met the rest of the girls this is Viktor yeah the goal of super goal. And I think, I’m gonna have some personal right now a little better the story is. So look at my foot right now no bueno oh but the sunset was nice we are having dinner right now at a local restaurant. And I’ll be filming everything we’ll be eating. And I’m doing way better today no cocktails. And no jet lag. So be better actually the entire dinner today look at them properly without Maya is actually going through my photos. And it’s like the most amazing photographer then I’ve been like admiring forever. And Aaron ever. And now he’s like sitting here reading my feet. And I’m gonna forget about oh my god yeah she’s like okay can we please stop look even break even is that better guys just what. I quickly show you call code Tam’s look it up when you come to two lone look how it’s our Easter – um. I was gonna say it feels like them when you come to go somewhere check out the Coco Tams it’s such a cute area look swings by the bar people are playing. So Circle got back to my hotel room to some a gifts. I left the slippers super cute, I’m just going to put them on. And show you my dessert over here which is super super nice today we have the lemon macaroons Wow the KO pretty beautiful presentation making myself some tea. I’ll have one macaroon. I think yeah. I thought. I go to sleep super fun day thumbs up love that.

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