Just landed in Thailand. And we second inclusively this year. And this time with beautiful destinations it was a long flight from LA it’s super warm. And humid. I had begged them for to change, I’m. So excited to join beautiful destinations for this creators camp. And I can’t wait to show you thank you hey arrived oh it’s tight. I feel like it’s like a Cinderella wonder like this shoe is not matching like they’re not fitting beautiful Wow awesome Wendy. I met Wendy. I mean. I met Wendy million years ago because we’re Instagram friends but we you met at the airport in Hong Kong. And now we travel together. I know super pretty wow, I’m. So pretty look at this view wow. So stunning all right. So so far that’s checking in the world just as you chicken you get to have a minute massage right here for the chicken biscuit uh you know you’re tired. And for the long flight which. I think it’s a great idea. So hi guys, I’m still here this is awesome, I’m super comfortable thank you exactly what. I need right now okay. So this is the base. And then what we do is. So we for the base in here. And that’s only one part of the ingredient. So with the wife in the background the secret is that some lemon juice in quite a refreshing drink oh my god it’s So delicious. I love what come drink. So that’s quite about checking in. I mean that’s what. I thought until. I realized that you can have a free massages you chicken actually beats the welcome drink to be honest And So refreshing them from the room of my room. I should say our room look how beautiful oh wow that is a pretty sweet view from from your bed into a plunge bowl wow.


So amazing. And this is my little snack section look how beautiful these fruit are like. So sort of. So pretty you guys stunning this is. I think some cold drink let’s try it number one do not record. And pour wow wow this is super impressive but this is how we spell my first name fully. And polish. And this is. I think she said mango sticky rice cookie. I don’t know oh sorry. So stunning Wow alright. So I just took a shower And So Tom Jonesy if the founder of beautiful destinations my friend he actually been to this resort. And when he. I tell him that, I’m going. And you know basically he’s sending me. I guess. So he said you know what this is such a great place. But I was totally addicted to their coconut smoothies. So you have to try them. And curate. I arrived. And I’m hungry. And then, I’m like. I need to eat something in a moment wait. I know it’s good. So I actually ordered the coconut smoothie right now. And I came to my room like community alright let’s see. I haven’t tried yet but it better be as good as. I was told it would be. So ah. I love coconuts. And it’s just as nothing but coconut meat mmm go go order. And ice off.

So good mmm yeah all right. I think. I should be left alone with my coconut smoothie. So all right. So our first activity for today is boxing apparently this is the world-famous gym work world champions train. And I got a little set over here. I put a little back book. And a boxing shorts that actually say travel we just super awesome very proficient, I’m gonna put them on in a second. So you can see. So it could change everyone got the same t-shirt. And these shorts CTU – a cheerleader shoes. And this the entire group all dressed up into matching shorts. And went looking very hot you can say hi hey super hot look she she has golden color which. I like better show me look how pretty we just arrived back to the hotel. And I’m gonna have some green curry. So lovely Wow amazing this is the hungry people mic pneumatic fare Haley Alex wow. So pretty ooh green curry my life is complete now it’s almost sunset. And we came to the beach with the girls to take some photos of the beach. And of ourselves. And just gonna hang out. And jump cuz it’s look at this water. So peaceful. So pretty, I’m excited you wrapping our day today. I can believe up a nap for like three days. I pretty much preference over dinner. And to the lobby first for some base. And I’ll show you a little bit – oh wow how pretty oh no kidding. So good these drink since it will be a lot of mixing involved we actually make their own cocktail shaker over here. And I’ll be adding from it’s already prepared. And then look. And I don’t know. I think he uses that this Goldberg varnish. I believe. And pour in your hand, I don’t want. Because I think it might be too cold for me but then. So yeah it’s coconut bras all right. So it’s Tyrel coconut sugar. And ginger. And a piece of golf. And you will be no bueno let’s take a look at the menu for tonight okay to the mains oh my god. So much to choose from breezy. And I created this. So yeah.

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