Kocaali for If she chooses not to act, she nonetheless will be acted on Two ossibilities resent themselves: the theorist may become a assive assenger who naively or nconsciosly reinforces the common vocablary and redominant ideology of her time and lace, or she may actively qestion the stats qo and engage in the transformation of the mores that strctre olitical life This theoretical and inherently olitical endeavor demands corage and measred jdgment, for it cannot be gronded in certain knowledge The theorist mst act when the jstice of every deed is recarios and the identities of both self and other remain oen to challenge Sggested Readings Hannah Arendt The Life of the Mind Raymond Aron The Oim of the Intellectals ideology and irony 2 3 9 Daniel Bell Kocaali 2016

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