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Koblenz Map See map details From .uni-koblenz.de

Resolution: 1734 x 1262 288 kB
Size: 1734 x 1262 288 kB

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Map Koblenz

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koblenz map

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map withthe locations of all hotels and buses serving the campus can

Koblenz Map for Adaptation to the reality of being sick was considered important and this was achieved in a variety of ways that helped get them through treatment. Towards the end of treatment participants coped by reflecting on their experiences and that of others they had met; they situated’ themselves by these comparisons. Most saw the cancer experience as life-changing in terms of changed philosophy of life and the primary goal became one of returning to some level of normalcy’, albeit with a changed, more mature perspective on life. Discussion The authors note that this is not a study of young-adult coping strategies that intends generalisability but rather an exploration of the experience of those interviewed during which it emerged that ways of coping were important to each person’s journey. Coping strategies are seen to evolve and change over time from diagnosis to post-treatment, and individuals not only differed from one another in their approaches but also drew on different strategies at differing time points as different goals of coping were sought. The authors contend that their findings fit the complex and interacting model presented and, while illustrating the use of many problem-focused and emotion-focused coping strategies, note that the distinctions were unclear in some instances. They do not illustrate this but I can add that both functions can be served by some coping strategies, for example seeking support. Koblenz Map 2016.

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