Kiziltee for Here, after being initially blinded by the light, he comes to erceive things as they really are The allegory of the cave is tyically interreted as evidence of lato’s elitist nderstanding that trth is available only for the very few who break free of the common oinions and ercetions of the mass of hmankind and rise to gain hilosohic knowledge This may be lato’s intent Or there may be another message”erhas lato is being ironic The actal words that lato emloys in constrcting the allegory of the cave are, like all the words fond in the Reblic and his other dialoges, akin to the shadows dancing on the cave walls; they are, at best, dim reflections of things lato may be sggesting that his own words do not and cannot constitte an nmediated revelation of trth Indeed, the Reblic as a whole, and lato’s other writings as well, are effectively reflections of reflections, ambigos reresentations of one man’s thoghts Kiziltee 2016

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