Kite surfing your way into adventure in Tarifa, Spain

There may be no better location in the world to kitesurf that Tarifa, Spain. With its dazzling landscape, long, sandy beaches, near constant wind, and warm temperatures, kite surfers of all skill levels from around the world flock to Tarifa’s shores to experience the sport.

But, what exactly is kite surfing and why should you travel to Tarifa to try it? Kite surfers harness the power of the wind while being propelled across the water by a power kite that they control. If you’re looking for adventure, this is certainly the sport for you. Depending on the strength and direction of the wind, kite surfers can be lifted high in the sky, where they enjoy not only the feeling of being free from the gravitational pull of the Earth, but panoramic views of Tarifa’s stunning landscape.

Don’t worry if you are a complete novice and have never tried to kite surf before — you can discover an adventuresome streak you may not know you had by kite surfing. The sport is actually easy to learn and doesn’t require you to be in top-notch physical shape to enjoy. However, you should expect your kite surfing lesson to be both intense and fun. If you are a beginner, you are sure to quickly learn the fundamentals of the sport – everything from controlling the kite both on land and water to grabbing the board, standing up on it and learning to ride.

With its huge, wide beaches that can accommodate the thousands of kite surfers that descend upon Tarifa every year, there are numerous opportunities on this slice of the Costa de la Luz to take kite surfing lessons.

Kite surfing lessons usually begin in Tarifa around 11 a.m., or when the wind starts blow, and will run as long as there is a breeze and for as long as you want to kite surf. While taking lessons, you will learn about riding both upwind and downwind; how to do basic, rotation and jumps with grabs; wake style jumps; kite loops and down loops; and handle passes. Don’t be intimidated by what you know or don’t know about kite surfing. Most kite surfing schools customise lessons based on your past kite surfing experience or what skills you want to improve and are adapted to your individual progress and learning pace.

The Aureliaherpin Kitesurf in Tarifa is operated by Aurelia Herpin, who has been a kite surfing instructor for more than 12 years and was crowned Kite Surfing Speed World Champion in 2006. The school lets you select from between three types of kite surfing lessons – group, half-private or private – and if you’re interested in kite surfing for the entire day, you can choose its unlimited lesson concept and enjoy unlimited hours of lessons. There is one kite for each person no matter what your skill level is, and each instructor teaches no more than two students at a time at the school.

Herpin speaks French, English, Spanish and German herself and is happy to conduct kite surfing lessons in any of those languages. In addition, the facility is an officially registered Tarifa kite surfing school and Herpin herself has a diploma as a kite surfing instructor from the Spanish Federation (FAV). All instructors at the Aurelia Herpin Kite School are accredited by FAV or the International Kiteboarding Organization.

Enjoy your holiday in Tarifa by being adventurous. Go kite surfing!

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