Kiribati Map

Division Population Area(km.‚²) Area(mi.‚²)
Gilbert Islands 83,683 300 116
Line Islands 8,809 329 127
Phoenix Islands 41 55 21
3 divisions 92,533 684 264

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Kiribati Map for After being born, the coma appeared to descend rapidly toward the horizon and into the Sun’s light i.e., it heliacally set, a phenomenon that in context may well have seemed to some observers to indicate that the child would be rescued by God, whom the Sun may have represented in the celestial drama. At the same time as the drama was unfolding in Virgo, it seems that the Magi were also impressed by another celestial show that the comet as a whole was putting on it had become a majestic scepter that dominated the sky, eventually stretching right across the whole sky from eastern to western horizon. As they watched these phenomena unfolding before their eyes, observers could have understood much a divine dignitary destined to exercise dominion over the whole world was being born on the earth to a terrestrial surrogate of Virgo. However, the wonders did not directly reveal who or where the child was. In this chapter we have suggested that one or more members of the Jewish community in Babylon probably introduced the Magi to Numbers and Isaiah enabling them to grasp the meaning and significance of what the comet was doing to mark the Jewish Messiah’s birth. Kiribati Map 2016.

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