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Archaeologically, noteworthy are early Christian sarcophagi of Roman importation 4th c.. Some go back to the 1st half of the 4th c., e.g., those of Elo, Erustes Toledo, Layos Toledo, Toledo and Yecla Murcia; the rest, those of Valencia and Hell­n Albacete, are from the 2nd half of the 4th c. Locally produced sarcophagi are later, such as that of La Puebla Nueva Toledo, from the Theodosian period. Kinshasa Metro Map Also from the 4th c. are the mausoleums of La Alberca Murcia, Vegas de Pedroza Segovia and Las Vegas de Puebla Nueva Toledo. At Alcal de Henares are the remains of a martyrium dedicated to Justus and Pastor, linked to a metropolis of the Visigothic period. From the 2nd half of the 7th c. is the old Visigothic villa of Pla de Nadal 20 km 12.4 mi NW of Valencia. Among early Christian basilicas are those of Elche initially a synagogue, rectangular with three aisles and semicircular apse toward the E, with floor mosaics dated from between the 4th c. and the Visigothic period; a church at Elo, rectangular with apse, built in two phases the first horseshoe shaped, between the 4th and 5th c.; Aljezares Murcia, church with three aisles, with apse and abutting circular-plan baptistery late 4th c.; Segobriga, church with three aisles with semicircular crypt, wide transept and important decoration 5th-7th c.. From the Visigothic period are the churches of Almenara La Plana Baixa, Castell³, rectangular with three aisles and central apse 6th c.; Recopolis Zorita de los Canes, Guadalajara; ca. 578, cruciform with apse rectangular outside and circular inside 6th c.; Tolmo de Minateda Hell­n, Albacete, basilica with three aisles, apse toward the E and baptistery to the W, and lateral entrances late 6th early 7th c.; Las Tamujas de Malpica de Tajo Toledo; 7th c. and San Pedro de Mata Toledo; 7th c.. The most important examples are from the second half of the 7th and early 8th c.: crypt of San Antol­n cathedral of Palencia, perhaps from the time of Wamba; Santa Maria de Quintanilla de las Vi±as Mambrillas de Lara, Burgos, with three aisles, transept and figurative decorations. The archaeology of Toledo is poorly known, despite it having been the capital of the Visigothic kingdom. Epigraphy Vives, n. 307, 312, 317- 319, 327 allows us to suppose the existence of Christian basilicas at Bailn Jan, Guadix, Ceheg­n Murcia, Denia Alicante and Jtiva Valencia, traditionally situated under the hermitage of St.

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