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Resolution: 1192 x 1210 315 kB
Size: 1192 x 1210 315 kB

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Kingston Map

Kingston Map for Aims This study aims to explore the relationship between stress, coping, job satisfaction and mood disturbance where a positive association was hypothesised between higher perceived stress, avoidance coping and mood disturbance, and a negative association between approach coping problem solving, humour, job satisfaction and mood disturbance. Methods used A total of registered nurses from Melbourne metropolitan and Victoria regional hospitals in Australia volunteered to complete a survey comprising of open-ended questions and the following standardised questionnaires the Nursing Stress Scale NSS, Gray-Toft and Anderson , the Ways of Coping questionnaire WOCQ, Folkman and Lazarus success in enhancing physical and emotional wellbeing and also productivity ? outcomes of importance to both employee and employer e.g. Brabantia Work Health Program, Maes and van der Doef Some models of occupational stress have therefore succeeded in integrating what the individual brings to the workplace in terms of personal characteristics, cognitions and support resources with the environmental features, with different occupations producing different results and hence differing opportunities for intervention see research focus, and Chapter Attempts to challenge or resolve issues of overload, underload or ambiguity of role are not always easy or feasible in many workplaces, and coping behaviour has been found to include health-damaging behaviour, for example excessive alcohol consumption and absenteeism e.g. among Scottish police officers, Alexander and Walker These responses also carry huge costs for employers in terms of loss of productivity, staffing shortages and accidents in the workplace Cooper and Payne the Coping Humour Scale CHS, Martin and Lefcourt , the Job Satisfaction Scale of the Nurse Stress Index Harris and a shortened version of the Profile of Mood States Shacham Results Results for the NSS indicated that workload’ was the highest perceived stressor, with items in this sub-scale tapping into issues arising from the actual physical environment, such as actual workload, inadequate staffing levels and insufficient time to complete nursing tasks. As hypothesised, higher scores on the NSS were concurrently and significantly associated with more negative mood and less job satisfaction. Kingston Map 2016.

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