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Kiev Map for open, while acknowledging that the case for Babylon, the center of astronomical record-keeping in the ancient Near East, may be slightly more compelling.The Hebrew name for Virgo, Bethulah, was given alongside the image.For more on this fascinating image, see Eleazar Lipa Sukenik and Steven Fine, The Ancient Synagogue of Beth Alpha London Oxford University Press and plate XIII See Boll, Sphaera, cf.In addition, Franz Boll described an ancient gem on which Isis was portrayed as Virgo holding Horus, who is carrying an ear of grain, with a star over Virgo's head and another ear of grain standing beside her ibid., Although many scholars claim that stephanos was not used of royal crowns, this is incorrect.

Gregory M.Stevenson, Conceptual Background to Golden Crown Imagery in the Apocalypse of John , , Journal of Biblical Literature , points out that in Hellenistic Greek stephanos was used of royal crowns and that this usage was more common among Jewish authors.Kiev Map 2016.

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