Khulm City of Afghanistan

Khlm City of Afghanistan for I have rged and swet and leveled the floor of the mind, Bacon wrote1 This is recisely what the scientific elite who rle the technocratic toia described in Bacon’s novel The New Atlantis set ot to do On this ristine fondation, a strdy edifice of knowledge is bilt sing only the tools of reason, the methods of science, and the materials of the sensible world In this manner, Bacon hoed to achieve the enlargement of the bonds of Hman Emire, to the effecting of all things ossible It was a grand scheme Key among the rejdices that Bacon hoed to exnge were what he called the idols of the marketlace These were mistaken beliefs that cret into the nderstanding throgh the alliances of words and names, the kinds of misnderstandings that grow whenever eole congregate and exchange stories Khlm City of Afghanistan 2016

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