Khartoum Map

Khartoum Map

Facts Khartoum
Countries Khartoum Map: Sudan
Khartoum Map States: Khartoum
Found to Khartoum Map: 1821
Khartoum Map and Area: 24 km
Khartoum Map and Population: 639598 (2008)
Khartoum Map And Lat Long Coordinate: 15‚°38‚²N032‚°32‚²E
Time Zone of Khartoum Map: (UTC+3)
Khartoum Map And Codes: 249 ‚ 183
Languages of Khartoum Map: Arabic,Engl
Religions of Khartoum Map: Islam ( Sunni)
Interesting places of Khartoum Map: Temple of the God of Amun, Great Enclosure of Pyramids, Sudan Presidential Palace Museum, Pyramids of Gebel Barkal, Pyramids of Meroe, Dinder National Park, National Museum of Sudan

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