Key West Map

key west map 7 Key West Map

Key West Old Town Map

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Size: 1200 x 914 262 kB

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Old Town Trolley tour

key west map 53 Key West Map

Key West Map

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Key West

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Key West Map

Key West Map for This study therefore aimed to identify and compare cancer perceptions of patients with those of a healthy sample drawn from the community of Auckland, New Zealand. Method Participants Representations about post-surgical treatment of breast cancer were assessed in two groups seventy-eight post-surgical partial mastectomy or lumpectomy breast cancer outpatients receiving either radiation or chemotherapy, and seventy-eight healthy women drawn from the community and matched with patients on age, marital status and level of education. The reason for matching on these criteria is that age may influence perceptions and responses to cancer; level of education may affect knowledge about cancer and its treatment; and marital status may influence social support factors and exposure to others’ cancer perceptions. Matching on these variables removes their potential confounding effects. None of the healthy sample had a prior cancer diagnosis; they ranged from to years old mean years, This allowed the research team to explore the effect of context on symptom representations and self-identity. The scenarios presented threatened physical attractiveness, emotionality or physicality. Attractiveness threat led to greater illness severity perceptions when the comparator group was females, and the threat to emotionality led to less serious perceptions of the illness when compared with new men’. Key West Map 2016.

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